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Cogeco Peer Partners with Edgio for Global Content Delivery

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Revolutionizing website performance and expanding reach with Edgio CDN

Cogeco Peer 1, now Aptum is a global provider of essential business-to-business products and services, such as colocation, network connectivity, hosting, and cloud and managed services to some of the world’s largest companies and public sector organizations. For Ecommerce customers, Cogeco Peer 1 offers a full range of web infrastructure services worldwide — ensuring they have a reliable and fast website to offer their customers a positive shopping experience on every visit.

“We are in the business of helping our customers achieve their goals. We’ve chosen to partner with CDN provider Edgio to give our customers the high level of service they have come to expect and deserve.’’

Jason Vigus, Product Manager for Managed Service – Cogeco Peer 1

Cogeco Peer 1's Challenge

Growing the managed IT business while keeping up with customer requirements for speedy content delivery.

Customers rely on Cogeco Peer 1 to provide the best possible end-to-end website experience. In Ecommerce, that means a reliable website that delivers content to customers fast and without delays — helping to convert visits to revenue.

Cogeco Peer 1 had its own in-house Content Delivery Network (CDN) for customers in North America and Europe but was limited in providing coverage worldwide as geographical demand grew. They needed a CDN partner who could expand with its business to provide reliable, speedy global coverage.

Cogeco Peer 1's Solution

Using the Edgio CDN allows Cogeco Peer 1 to focus on its core business.

Since partnering with Edgio, Cogeco Peer 1 has achieved a marked increase in its customers’ traffic, saw significant improvement in delivery speed, and is able to implement seamless expansion into more countries.

With Edgio’s feature-rich, customizable, and global CDN, Cogeco is able to get its customers’ websites and services closer to their own customers. Speed in delivery increases conversion rates for Ecommerce customers and ensures a positive experience for all users.

The most important CDN features for Cogeco Peer 1’s customers are footprint, speed, and the ability to offer customized CDN options.

Key features Cogeco Peer 1 benefits from include:

Increased scalability
Offloading website traffic to the Edgio CDN provides Cogeco Peer 1 customers with a solution that scales as needed and reduces load on their website infrastructure.

Improvements in delivery speed
Cogeco Peer 1 saw a significant improvement in the speed of delivery of content for clients’ websites.

Larger global footprint
Providing solid performance in new and existing geographies, to bring their clients’ websites closer to their end users.

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