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Plus500’s Rapid and Secure Trading with Edgio’s Platform

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Edgio's Platform: Unleashing Speed and Security for Plus500's Trading Platform

Plus500 is a leading trading platform that enables clients to trade on movements in the price of shares, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, forex, ETFs and options.

Learn how Edgio’s platform helped security and app development work together to deliver a faster, more secure experience for their traders worldwide.

Plus500's Challenge

Milliseconds matter for online trading platform Plus500. Users expect to execute trades instantly, without disruption – a requirement that extends to every division that touches the web application – development, operations and security.

Idan Mashaal, Director of Cybersecurity at Plus500, made it his mission to help all three groups move faster.

Plus500 needed to:

  • Improve application visibility
  • Identify and block attacks in real time
  • Help developers release secure code faster

Plus500's Solution

Plus500 built an intelligent alerting system and feedback loop leveraging real-time data from Edgio’s platform. By integrating this data into its alerting pipeline, Plus500 can now run predictive scenarios that provide immediate, real-time feedback to power a range of use cases, including threat hunting, application troubleshooting, and faster software development.

Edgio’s Dual WAF Mode is a key component in Plus500’s application development pipeline. It allows them to evaluate and adopt new security rules and updates against real production traffic before it’s activated into the primary WAF profile. This generates valuable intelligence by revealing new threats attacking the web application.

And because our security functions are built directly into our edge, as new threats are identified, Edgio can instantly update deny lists, add an exception, or create a custom rule – all in the audit WAF via API in seconds.


With real-time, enriched data, Plus500 can stay ahead of business challenges by generating intelligence that improves the speed of security across a range of use cases and departments. Plus500 now proactively addresses new threats against its web application, reconstructs events, understands WAF behavior, expedites the resolution of operational challenges and informs development about security risks throughout the software development lifecycle.

Edgio helped Plus500:

  • Strengthen security
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve the speed and security of software releases
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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