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Tapestry’s 80% Faster Web Experience with Edgio

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Learn How Edgio Elevated Luxury Brands: A Digital Transformation Story

Tapestry, a prominent New York-based house of luxury lifestyle brands, has partnered with Edgio, a leading platform for application and content delivery, to develop an integrated web infrastructure for its family of brands. By migrating to a composable, headless architecture and leveraging Edgio’s edge caching technologies, Tapestry aims to deliver the fastest and most performant web experience in the industry to its customers.

“We recognized the opportunity to shift our overall digital approach, given fundamental changes in how consumers engage with the brands that matter the most to them. As a result, we partnered with Edgio to develop a unified, cross brand, cross region digital platform that delivers a more dynamic and performant online experience.”

Noam Paransky, Chief Omni and Innovation Officer for Tapestry

Tapestry's Challenge

Recognizing the need to adapt to rapidly changing consumer expectations and foster continued growth, Tapestry sought to transform its digital approach. Each of Tapestry’s brands – Kate Spade, Coach, and Stuart Weitzman – had disparate website infrastructures and disjointed teams.

“Edgio helped us unite technology, processes, and people,” said Mandeep Bhatia, VP of Global Digital Product and Omnichannel Innovation at Tapestry. “The results speak for themselves. Edgio delivered.”

Tapestry aimed to develop a unified and dynamic digital platform that would provide a seamless and high-performing online experience across all brands and regions.

Tapestry’s Solution

Kate Spade became the first Tapestry brand to successfully implement a composable architecture which enabled the rapid creation and deployment of brand-building experiences in collaboration with Edgio. The Kate Spade website hosted on Edgio reduced page load times and saw an increase in revenue per visitor. These business wins cemented Edgio’s place in Tapestry’s next-generation architecture.

Edgio’s expertise and professional services were instrumental in building a composable software architecture from the ground up. “Together, we have delivered a modern composable architecture that allows our teams to quickly build and deploy high-performing, brand-building experiences that delight our customers,” stated Noam Paransky, Chief Omni and Innovation Officer for Tapestry.

To effectively implement the new architecture, Edgio provided the following services:

  • Product and project management
  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical architecture
  • React engineering
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Analytics consulting

The sites were launched with split traffic through Iterative Migration, ensuring the new experiences on Edgio far out-performed the old for all brands in key territories.

“We fostered a true team mentality with Tapestry, aligning for efficiency and success – one group, one team.”
Boris Wexler, Vice President of Expert Services for Edgio


Superior Page Speeds
By leveraging edge caching, websites stored their dynamic content – images and web pages – at the edge, ensuring quick and accessible retrieval. This, coupled with Edgio’s Predictive Prefetching which allows cached content to render even before a user requests it, enables significantly faster page loads.

Streamlined Implementation
Tapestry utilized Edgio’s Expert Services team for product and project management, technical architecture, frontend engineering, quality assurance, and testing support. The partnership with Edgio resulted in a streamlined transition to a headless, composable architecture, which improved flexibility across various aspects, including edge logic, UI display, and site control.

Enhanced User Experience
Implementing Edgio’s technologies and solutions contributed to a more dynamic and performant online experience for Tapestry’s customers. The frictionless integration of technology, processes, and people ensured that users could enjoy a delightful and engaging digital journey.

Increased Development Agility
On the previous monolithic infrastructure, it took weeks for a developer to see their new updates because it was all part of one build. A headless architecture facilitates faster and safer updates. There’s far less risk with each release with Edgio features, including EdgeJS and branch previews, that make it easy to collaborate, find bugs, and rollback or promote changes to any environment with a single click.

A high-performing website and an agile team can have a massive impact on your business growth. We’ve seen this time and time again. Join industry leaders, the likes of Shoe Carnival, Mattress Firm, and Sharper Image on Edgio’s Application Platform.

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