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Yahoo’s Rapid Roku Streaming Success with Edgio’s Uplynk

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Yahoo's Streaming Success: How Uplynk by Edgio Accelerated Their Roku Channel

Yahoo is a household name that millions of people rely on for their daily dose of news and entertainment. To stay relevant, they needed a powerful digital streaming solution.

Edgio helped Yahoo create a streaming channel that went live on Roku in less than a month using Uplynk, the integrated streaming platform within Edgio.

Yahoo's Challenge

The competition for daily active users is fierce. Yahoo has done an excellent job building audiences by adding video content across its sites. Still, they lacked what audiences wanted – a dedicated streaming video channel for all their news and entertainment. With major brands rapidly entering the streaming marketplace, Yahoo needed its own video streaming channel, and it needed it fast.

Yahoo needed help:

  • Developing a new, monetizable video experience
  • Integrating multiple content libraries into a live daily schedule
  • Measuring and improving daily active users, streams, and revenue

Yahoo's Solution

In less than 30 days, Yahoo was live on Roku. Powered by Uplynk, “Yahoo” integrates live and linear programming, including premium long-form content, live daily programming, recurring series, and special events from Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, HuffPost, MAKERS, Yahoo Sports, and RYOT into a premium broadcast TV-like experience.

Yahoo is leveraging Uplynk’s API to schedule live and VOD content, stitching them seamlessly together with ad breaks.

Additional technology being utilized includes:

  • Smartplay server-side ad insertion to create personalized viewing experiences and increase monetization
  • Native analytics that tracks revenue streams, DAU, and other metrics
  • Excellent visibility and analytics into user data and consumption


Uplynk provides viewer analytics to Yahoo before they are available from Roku, so the Yahoo team can make time-sensitive programming decisions to optimize engagement. This has enabled Yahoo to capture average viewership of 34 minutes per session. With a 98% ad completion rate, Yahoo has been able to command a healthy $28-32 CPM.

The flexibility of Uplynk has also enabled Yahoo to quickly adapt its feed to Sling, Amazon, and every other streaming platform, extending Yahoo’s reach to millions of global viewers.

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