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Zuken’s Global Customer Support Transformation with Edgio

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Standardizing and improving customer support services worldwide - Zuken's success story with Edgio CDN

Zuken Inc. based in Japan, develops, manufactures, and markets IT systems and consulting services that support the advancement of the product design and development process for the manufacturing industry.

Offering cutting-edge electronics engineering solutions for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Zuken has earned the confidence of manufacturers worldwide. Although the company has support sites for its global users, it was facing challenges with web access and content delivery and needed to improve overall performance.

“Since we introduced Edgio Cloud Storage Services, we’ve been able to replicate and deliver content in each region. Our users in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and beyond can access content from a server close to their own location. If a cache miss occurs, the content is delivered from the nearest cloud server in the network, ensuring reliable and fast content access from any locale.”

Hiroshige Kamakura, Section Manager, Global IT Section, EDA Business Unit – Zuken

Zuken's Challenge

With its business expanding globally, standardizing customer support at Zuken was urgent.

Zuken offers a wide variety of support services to thousands of users in 47 countries around the world via the Zuken Global Support website. The site provides information on new products, offers software downloads, delivers updated files, and handles user inquiries.

However, with its main servers in Japan, people accessing the site from Europe, the U.S. and other locations experienced slow downloads and response times. Recognizing that a Content Delivery Network (CDN) could help, Zuken started using a CDN service in 2012. But the CDN service failed at improving response times and content delivery issues remained a big problem.

Zuken's Solution

Build a high-quality web access environment using Edgio’s Delivery and Cloud Storage services.

Zuken replaced its CDN with Edgio’s Content Delivery and Cloud Storage Services, which now deliver faster, stable Web access and rapid incident response.

Edgio’s CDN maximizes the stability, and speed of web access, and content delivery to any Zuken location worldwide, while Edgio’s Cloud Storage Services help reduces operational and management workload. Going forward, management plans to adopt Limelight’s Content Delivery Services for its corporate site and deliver more video content to manufacturing customers.

Important features of Zuken include:

Global Reach
Edgio’s CDN ensures reliable and fast content access from any Zuken locale.

Software downloads that once took over an hour are now completed in minutes with Edgio.

High-Quality Delivery
The reliable web access Edgio delivers increases all support operations’ efficiency.

Customer Service
Edgio’s support team provided technical support to ensure a smooth implementation.

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