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Delight viewers with flawless, secure delivery of your content to any device. Edgio Delivery is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) built for delivering your streaming video and file downloads with exceptional quality and reliability at a massive scale.

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increased production workflow speed by 50%

Learn About Edgio’s Delivery Solutions

Why Edgio Delivery

Deliver high-quality experiences at scale

Power your streaming media and large file downloads on one of the world’s largest, most advanced global CDNs.


Harness massive capacity, reach, and connectivity to reliably deliver great experiences


Use a secure web portal, Terraform, or APIs to manage delivery

Origin Storage

Host your content on multi-site storage purpose-built for delivery

Data and Analytics

Get the insights you need via web portal, APIs, realtime logs and more leveraging the EdgeQuery analytics platform

What is it?

Elevate viewer experiences with secure, scalable content delivery on a global CDN, backed by powerful analytics.

Get closer to every user – and deliver your content faster, safer and easier — on Edgio’s advanced global media CDN. Many of the world’s largest media brands count on Edgio Delivery, running on one of the world’s largest, most advanced global networks.


Why Edgio Delivery

Fleixible and Scalable Management

Choose how to manage your CDN delivery to best suit your workflow, with a choice of ways to control the environment.

Data and Analytics

Intelligent analytics can help you build consumer loyalty and boost revenue. Get the insights you need whatever your workflow.


Customer Success Stories

“With the addition of Edgio’s Security solutions, we now have greater visibility on potential vulnerabilities, fewer false positives, and the speed required to deploy new rules and address attempted attacks efficiently and effectively.”

“Edgio helped us unite technology, processes, and people. The results speak for themselves. Edgio delivered.”

“High-quality viewing experience is critically important to us. With Edgio, we were able to move from an on-prem solution to a fully cloud-based solution without losing any control.”​

“We moved from Akamai because Edgio offered substantially better tools, pricing, and support. The platform is extremely reliable and robust, and your support team is quick to respond and resolve any issue. Edgio is just a better experience all around.”​