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Edgio Sites combines cutting-edge technology with top-tier security and performance, ensuring your website stands out in the digital landscape. Experience the future of web development where speed, security, and user experience converge seamlessly.


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Why Edgio Sites

Empower Your Team and Turbocharge Your Site

Teams can develop composable web applications with strong collaboration tools like Branch Previews with unique links for every change, and support for modern JavaScript frameworks. Patented Iterative Migration makes replatforming faster and lower-risk. All with automated deployment to our global edge network providing serverless, CDN, and security to power your site.

Serverless Sites

Serverless computing eliminates the need for managing server infrastructure, enabling developers to focus solely on writing code for their applications.

Expert Services​

Edgio Expert Services are available to augment staff with specific expertise to help deliver value from your replatform efforts in record time.

Iterative Migration

Patented Iterative Migration safely moves one page to production at a time, keeping the rest untouched.

Incremental Static Regen

Keep content updated and instantly available by regenerating only the changed or outdated pages without needing to rebuild the entire site.


Enhance website experiences by serving different versions to clients, enabling canary releases, trunk-based development, and segmented releases, allowing for quick and efficient testing and optimization.

Branch Previews

Branch Previews empower your team with unique links for every change, fostering efficient collaboration and streamlined development.

What is it?

Upgrade to high-performance web development effortlessly with Edgio Sites. Our platform streamlines replatforming, accelerates development across popular frameworks, and enhances global performance and security, giving your website a seamless and powerful edge.

Disjointed solutions increase complexity and lead to security gaps. Choose a unified web application security platform that lowers risk.


Experience a seamless transition to modern web platforms without the worry. Unlock the benefits of enhanced performance, scalability, and security for your website one page at a time.

Iterative migration

Why Edgio Experimentation

Build Trust and Confidence In Your Deployments with Edgio Experimentation

Empower your teams to deliver and test various website experiences, optimizing user engagement and ensuring continuous improvement.

AB Testing

Effortlessly update your website’s content to quickly enhance user experience, SEO rankings, and overall site performance.

Incremental Static Regeneration

Accelerate project delivery with our solution enabling product, design, QA, and developers to collaborate efficiently through early feedback on live previews, eliminating redundant efforts.

branch previews

Customer Success Stories

“With the addition of Edgio’s Security solutions, we now have greater visibility on potential vulnerabilities, fewer false positives, and the speed required to deploy new rules and address attempted attacks efficiently and effectively.”

“Edgio helped us unite technology, processes, and people. The results speak for themselves. Edgio delivered.”

“High-quality viewing experience is critically important to us. With Edgio, we were able to move from an on-prem solution to a fully cloud-based solution without losing any control.”​

“We moved from Akamai because Edgio offered substantially better tools, pricing, and support. The platform is extremely reliable and robust, and your support team is quick to respond and resolve any issue. Edgio is just a better experience all around.”​