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Digital business runs 24/7/365. Fortunately, we do too.

You need to deliver flawless digital experiences to your users and we understand that when you need something, you need it (and deserve it) immediately. That’s when our support team comes in. Your success is our success, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. To contact the right expert support team member, please use the information associated with your contact preference below.

We’re available and ready to assist you.

We’re Here to Help

Worldwide Main

1 (602) 850-5200

Worldwide Billing


flag 82 (0)2-723-8837
flag 81 (050)3628-1545
flag 0008 000 011002
flag (866) 544-4830

For Edgio Uplynk Streaming or CDN Support (formerly Edgecast Support), contact us via phone at +1 (877) 334-3236. To open a CDN Ticket, email us at To open an Uplynk Streaming Ticket, email us at

Edgio uses remote interpreting to communicate with non-English-speaking callers.

Self Help User Guides

Many support and troubleshooting resources can be found in your Edgio Control Customer Support Portal. Just log into Control and follow Documentation the link to access user guides, release notes, diagnostic tools, and customer notifications.

International Suport

Edgio is a globally-scaled provider of edge-enabled solutions. To support our clients internationally, we use remote interpreting to communicate with non-English speaking callers. Your calls are important to us, and we’re here 24/7/365, ready to assist you with any needs or questions that arise. Please follow the steps below if you need language interpretation.

  1. To start a paper trail, open a support case by emailing
  2. Dial one of our international support numbers and inform the technician of your preferred language in English. For example, in English, say “Japanese.”
  3. Please wait while our technician brings a certified translator on the line to assist.