Why is Edgio Security and MSS Better?

Integration of Award Winning Security with MSS Expertise

Discover why Edgio’s MSS combined with our advanced security platform outperforms competitors.


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Welcome to our Learning Center page on HAR files! HAR, or HTTP Archive, is a file format used for recording web browser interactions and analyzing web page performance. In this article, we’ll review what HAR files are, their significance, potential security risks, and how they can be a valuable tool for web developers and performance analysts.

The integration of Managed Security Services (MSS) with the Edgio Security Platform offers a compelling blend of automated protection and expert management. This combination facilitates a more resilient and responsive security infrastructures.

Managed Security Services with the Edgio Security Platform

A HAR file, or HTTP Archive format file, is a JSON-formatted log of a web browser’s interactions with a site. It records all the requests sent and responses received, the time it took to load resources (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, and images), and details about headers, body contents, and server endpoints. This information is crucial for understanding web performance and identifying issues.

DDoS Mitigation and MSS Response Coordination

At the heart of the Edgio Platform’s DDoS mitigation strategy is a distributed denial-of-service defense mechanism. By incorporating MSS, organizations benefit from an additional layer of threat intelligence and incident management helping train models to proactively adapt to security threats. The MSS teams leverage the platform’s reverse proxy, content distribution, and AI capabilities, aligning them with proactive threat detection and mitigation protocols.

Origin Shield with MSS Proactive Defense

The Origin Shield in the Edgio Security Platform provides a strategic caching layer that reduces the load on origin servers. In conjunction with MSS, this layer is not only about traffic consolidation but also about employing advanced threat analytics to identify and mitigate risks proactively, optimizing the caching strategy in real-time based on incoming threat data.

WAF Deployment Augmented by MSS

The Edgio Security Platform’s WAF, utilizing the low-latency Waflz engine, offers a rule-based approach to traffic inspection. This is where MSS integration shines, as it brings continuous rule updates and configuration management based on evolving threat landscapes and intelligence to managed WAF deployments. MSS ensures that the WAF’s capabilities are maximized, with custom rules and policies tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

Managed EdgeJS for Security Automation

EdgeJS provides a programmable environment for executing JavaScript at the CDN edge, which is crucial for real-time security policy enforcement. With MSS, there’s a comprehensive approach to managing these edge security policies, from deploying content security policies to handling sensitive data variables. MSS expertise can drive the automation of these tasks, ensuring a secure yet agile CDN configuration.

Managed Security Services (MSS) combined with DevSecOps practices offer businesses a proactive approach to security, integrating threat detection and response into the software development lifecycle. This not only enhances cybersecurity but also ensures that applications are built with security in mind from the outset, reducing risks and improving overall software quality.

CDN-as-Code and Infrastructure as Code Practices

The programmable nature of the Edgio Security Platform aligns with the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach, enabling systematic and reproducible deployments. MSS complements this by managing the lifecycle of security infrastructure as code, ensuring that security deployments are consistent, version-controlled, and auditable.

Edgio’s platform empowers you to define CDN behavior programmatically using EdgeJS through a configuration file named , which resides within your project’s repository. This integration facilitates collaborative version control and aligns your CDN settings with corresponding releases of your web application. Delivering faster more controllable deployments while increasing development velocity.

Managed Security and Experimentation Layer

Managed Security Services integrate with the platform’s experimentation layer, ensuring that A/B testing and dynamic content serving do not introduce security vulnerabilities. MSS provides the oversight necessary to maintain robust security standards while supporting the dynamic delivery of web experiences.

Continuous Improvement

The integration of MSS with the Edgio Security Platform creates a dynamic and robust security ecosystem. It combines automated edge security measures with expertly managed services, delivering a comprehensive security strategy that addresses the complexity of modern web threats. This integration empowers organizations to maintain agile yet secure web environments, optimized for performance and safeguarded against a spectrum of cyber threats.

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