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Deliver Faster and Secure Content Worldwide: Risk-Free Trial

Run on Edgio’s award-winning global content delivery network (CDN) by signing up for our risk-free 30-day trial.
You’ll be running on a massive edge network, reaping the following benefits:

  • Deliver faster content worldwide
  • Handle traffic spikes effortlessly
  • Unlock actionable insights
  • Outperform your top competitors
  • Protect content and customer data
  • Ditch delays and disruptions with industry-leading uptime
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1. Configure CDN

We’ll collect configuration information and create you an account within 72 working hours.

2. Optimize Delivery

Take advantage of the features and analytics within your accounts, listed below.

3. Ask Questions

You’ll be connected with a dedicated Media Delivery Expert for any and all support.

4. Assess Value

As the 30 days approaches, you’ll be presented the options to stop trial, sign a deal, or extend trial.

Get real experience with our portal, tools & performance

Scale for any level of traffic

Handle sudden spikes in traffic without compromising performance or experiencing downtime.

Protect your files

With Edgio’s Dual WAAP, DDoS protection, and bot management, alongside token authentication, SSL encryption, and geo-fencing – your files are always safe.

Fine tune the edge

Customize how and when content is cached based on location, time, revalidation periods, and failures to reduce bandwidth costs.

Cap excessive consumption

Control the amount of traffic in or out of your network to avoid errors and increase download speed, and provide a better flow of data.

Purge for performance

Purge data rapidly in real-time and at global scale – so that users are never served stale data.

Access unparalleled visibility

Proactively monitor the health of downloads with real-time data and visualizations for completion rates, receipts and traffic patterns.

Gain performance and security analytics in a single pane of glass with Edge Insights

Trusted by global media leaders

“If you haven’t got a CDN that protects you from traffic spikes that can come at you like a big tsunami wave, you will find that you will have outages. The implementation of the CDN solutions went very smoothly thanks to Edgio’s expert team assisting along the way, from pre-planning through to completion.”

Senior Systems and Operations Manager, Premier League Football Club

Enhance Your Content Delivery for Free

Sign up for Edgio’s risk-free 30-day trial to experience faster content delivery, while protecting your network and customer data.