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Announcing Routing Preference Interconnect: Improve CDN Performance and Lower Costs.

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Original source: Edgecast

We are pleased to announce that Routing Preference Interconnect is now available to Edgecast Delivery and Microsoft Azure CDN from Edgecast customers.

Routing Preference Interconnect is a direct, private connection for thousands of Edgecast Delivery customers who bring their Azure Storage service as CDN origin or Azure CDN from Edgecast customers who use the Azure cloud as their CDN origin.

Routing Preference Interconnect has zero-rated egress charges, which means no egress charges for CDN configurations from key international Microsoft Azure regions. This zero-rated egress between Azure origin/Azure Storage and the CDN lowers overall CDN costs, increases security, delivers the best latency and improves performance. There is no additional charge for Edgecast Delivery or Azure CDN from Edgecast customers who activate Routing Preference Interconnect. Please note, you must turn on Routing Preference Interconnect. This zero-rated feature does require configuration and is not automatic; also, zero-rating cannot be applied retroactively.

Edgecast Delivery is one of the world’s leading CDNs, with a significant percentage of the world’s internet traffic flowing through its PoPs. Azure CDN from Edgecast is a first-party product from Microsoft which offers massive bandwidth, advanced caching and acceleration technologies. Customers see faster page load times, more objects served from cache, and unparalleled performance, even during traffic spikes. The Azure CDN from Edgecast is Azure’s recommended CDN for all media workloads—whether that’s live event media delivery for virtual trade shows, like CES 2021, or a streaming music subscription service.

Routing Preference Interconnect is GA in these seven Azure regions and can be enabled today:

U.S. West (San Jose, CA) and East U.S. (Ashburn, VA), West Europe (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), U.K. South (London, United Kingdom), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Singapore), Japan East (Tokyo, Japan) and Brazil South (São Paulo, Brazil.) Later in H2 2022 India is planned for launch.‍