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Advanced Advertising Solutions for OTT that Generate Better Experiences, Maximize Yield, and Increase Transparency

April 28, 2020
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Original source: Edgecast

Advanced advertising solutions for online streaming offer more opportunities to maximize ad revenue than ever before. Smartplay, our industry-leading manifest and session management technology, sets the benchmark for delivering personalized streams on a global scale. Its server-side ad insertion (SSAI) capability provides a seamless transition from content to ads across any device or platform, delivered to ever-increasing audiences, so broadcasters and content providers can attract and retain viewers while maximizing ad revenue.

We continuously fine-tune Smartplay to improve the quality of experience for millions of concurrent viewers. Our newest innovations are Smartplay Prebid, Ad Data, and Ad Analytics, which help our customers remain competitive and successful.

‍More control in premium video content provider hands with Smartplay Prebid

‍Prebid is an innovative programmatic technology for long-form video. It uses an open-source framework, similar to “header bidding,” that now supports TV-style commercial breaks. Sometimes referred to as “advance bidding,” prebid enables content providers to expose their ad inventory in real-time and conduct simultaneous auctions with more demand partners — all ahead of their regular ad call workflow. Prebid is a low-risk solution that customers can easily implement into current content workflows and ad servers.

Our first prebid integration is with Edgecast’s OTT Smart Auction. Seamlessly integrated into Smartplay, prebid enables demand partners to simultaneously bid on ad space. Those bids are then passed to their ad decisioning server for consideration alongside other ad buys. The result is a fair market competition that increases yield by driving higher eCPMs and fill rates. Customers now have full price transparency into how much advertisers value their content. When combined with Smartplay’s session data, visibility and control are put back into content owners’ hands – not behind walled gardens.

Edgecast is committed to enforcing industry quality and transparency initiatives and is among the first companies to offer this innovative advanced ad technology. Smartplay Prebid is the result of close collaboration among all Edgecast advertising teams. This joint offering highlights Edgecast’s broad view of the OTT advertising landscape.

‍Ad Data and Analytics optimize ad delivery and experiences

‍Because Smartplay provides 1 to 1 session management, our platform exposes massive amounts of granular data that empowers streaming customers to investigate end-to-end ad experiences, errors, timeouts, and tracking issues. Ad Data, first showcased at IBC 2019, helps technical teams troubleshoot and monitor the ad insertion process. Ad Analytics, a new offering available in the Fall of 2020, helps inform business decisions with ad delivery reports by environment, device, and demand partner.

Edgecast provides a unique lens across comprehensive streaming and advertising workflows and supplies powerful tools to all streaming customers as an added value to support their success.

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