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Debunking Conventional Wisdom: Increased Security Improves Performance and Customer Experience

By: Richard Yew | March 9, 2023
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When it comes to fast eCommerce websites, there is a long-held belief that increased security measures come at the cost of performance and customer experience. However, this conventional wisdom may be misguided. In fact, implementing holistic edge-enabled security measures can actually improve performance and enhance the customer experience, all while protecting your data, your brand, and your bottom line.

As seen on CIO.com, this article by Edgio’s Richard Yew, Sr. Director Product Management - Security, explores the latest cybersecurity statistics, including the costs of a data breach, as well as the ‘security paradox’ that has led to this “tradeoff” mentality. It also highlights some of the benefits of implementing holistic edge-enabled security solutions, such as increased customer trust and confidence, improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and reduced risk of data breaches – essentially a win-win for your bottom line and your entire organization.

By debunking the conventional wisdom that increased security measures always come at a cost, this article provides a fresh perspective on the importance of cybersecurity and its potential to improve web app performance and enhance business operations.

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