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Edge Platforms Deliver Three Key Business Benefits

By: Ajay Kapur | May 15, 2023
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Edge platforms have become a critical component of digital infrastructure for many consumer-facing businesses. This evolution from traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) has been driven by the need for faster application performance, AI-driven personalization, and holistic security protection. The rise of edge computing has enabled companies to distribute application components closer to the user, resulting in faster page loads on web and mobile devices.

In addition, the edge provides an ideal layer for personalized content and real-time responses informed by first-party data or AI algorithms. As companies continue to generate more data, edge computing enables local data centers to process their data without the need to send it to a central data center or cloud. This leads to reduced bandwidth and connectivity costs, making the edge a more cost-effective option for many businesses.

As a result, edge platforms are increasingly replacing traditional content delivery networks and cloud providers for their broader range of use cases and advanced capabilities. With improved security, performance, and customer experiences, while also reducing overall costs, businesses are finding the edge to be an essential part of their digital infrastructure. Read on to learn more as Edgio’s CTO/GM of Media, Ajay Kapur, explores the three key business benefits of edge platforms in further detail.

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