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Five Ways IT Pros Can Accelerate Web Pages in a Day at No Cost

By: Ellery Womack | May 24, 2023
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It can be overwhelming to improve page performance when there is an abundance of advice on the internet. And, unless web performance is your day job, it's probably not obvious which recommendations are going to have the largest impact on your site.

The reality is that not any one person or team has the time and resources to follow all recommendations. In this article, we dive into five ways IT pros can accelerate web pages in a way that will have the largest real-world impact and can be implemented today at no cost, including:

  1. Using proper cache-control headers

  2. Optimizing images for the target device

  3. Preloading and pre-connecting headers in HTML documents

  4. Deferring non-essential scripts and being intentional with your MarTech stack

  5. Following the mantra "always be caching."

We also review monitoring and testing techniques to ensure your hard day’s work of improving site speed is proactively and continuously maintained.

Read on to learn more from Ellery Womack, Edgio's Senior Director of Engineering.

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