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WAF Insights: Web Security for Everyone

May 11, 2021
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Original source: Edgecast

We are pleased to announce the launch of WAF Insights. This brand new security package is simple to use, easy to deploy and delivers an excellent value for investment. WAF Insights lowers the barrier to security, making it possible to secure every one of your applications on the internet. With an estimated 83% of enterprise apps having at least one security flaw and the average web app being attacked 20,000 times in the first two months of 2020, the need for universal web application security has never been greater.

WAF Insights is powered with the same managed ruleset we maintain and update to protect banks, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, trading platforms and other Fortune 500 companies. It has built-in DDoS protection and powerful analytics with a 7-day history, so you can conveniently get the data you need to do root cause analysis, and threat and bug hunting. While WAF Insights is an entry-level WAF, it’s powered by an enterprise-grade threat intelligence and WAF engine with a feature set that strengthens your security and improves your productivity.

WAF Insights protects you with these out-of-the-box features, including:

  • Security Application Manager (SAM): Define and enforce granular WAF rules by a specific domain with the power to share configurations across your entire application ecosystem, saving you time and improving time to protection and accuracy.

  • Access Control Rules: Create a custom list of bad actors that should be denied across all your web applications using the WAF.

  • Rate Limiting Rules: Configure rate thresholds and enforce security based on rates of request.

  • Managed Rules: State-of-the-art protection based on industry standards and proprietary rules kept up to date by our security experts monitoring the web 24 x 7.

  • Security Dashboard: Provides 7 days of full resolution historical data showing the variety, frequency and severity of malicious traffic with detailed visualizations and information about the attack types.

With this robust feature set in an easy-to-consume package, WAF Insights immediately improves your security posture in any of these situations.

You don’t know if you are getting attacked

‍Turn on WAF Insights to leverage our built-in analytics dashboard. Educate yourself and your team through real-life traffic and threat monitoring. You know more about web application threats without a large investment.

‍You are launching a new service

‍Perhaps you are a traditional business transforming to online or a new digital service or start-up that needs online protection. Leverage our built-in threat intelligence and protection and automatically updated WAF rules to immediately protect your new service without complex security technologies or help from security teams.

‍You have experienced a DDoS attack

‍DDoS attacks are impacting customers from every vertical. They are growing in reach and complexity, attacking networks, applications and APIs. Turn on WAF Insights to leverage our built-in DDoS and Rate Limiting technology to protect your online business. This powerful, always-on DDoS solution includes Layer 3, 4 and 7 protection.

‍You already have a WAF

‍Many businesses have purchased a WAF but, due to operational challenges, aren’t fully leveraging it. WAF Insights gives you an additional layer of visibility so you can shrink the threat haystack and find the needles faster.

‍You want better performance

‍Running a WAF on our global network edge improves performance by removing security bottlenecks from your workflow.

WAF Insights is the latest addition to our WAF offering, providing you feature and cost options optimized for your unique needs. We invite you to look at how our WAF can help you secure your web applications today.

‍Contact us to learn more about WAF Insights and our full suite of security technology.

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