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Case Study


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Original source: Edgecast

How a streamlined workflow eliminated playback errors.

ArtStation helps artists showcase their portfolios digitally and learn new skills. Read how we simplified their workflow, improved video quality, and helped ArtStation grow revenue.


ArtStation worked with multiple providers to build its streaming service and relied on them for encoding, content delivery and playback functionality. In theory, the components should have worked together to deliver a smooth, error-free viewing experience. But in practice, ArtStation viewers complained of video start failures and rebuffers. ArtStation developers were forced to shift their focus from core platform enhancements to video troubleshooting, putting other projects on the ArtStation roadmap on hold. ArtStation’s troubles included:




Media & Entertainment

  • 2% failure rate of all video starts

  • Complex troubleshooting process, complicated by siloed technologies

  • Sustained low bit rates of 800-900 Kbps coupled with a 50% cache hit ratio from its CDN

  • Increasing time spent by developers on debugging and troubleshooting


Edgecast consolidated several of ArtStation’s video workflow elements, including encoding, transcoding, asset storage and management, digital rights management (DRM), video player and content delivery network. These actions reduced the number of individual technology pieces in the video workflow from more than twenty down to one. Edgecast provides ArtStation:

  • All-in-one video technology stack that works out of the box

  • Pre-integrated features, including encode, storage, delivery and player

  • Digital rights management across all platforms enabled by simply checking a box

  • Global delivery network optimized for video streaming at scale


After Edgecast consolidated disparate backend video components into a unified video workflow and delivery system, playback errors and rebuffers disappeared almost immediately. With less time spent troubleshooting video playback errors, developers focused their time on feature development, accelerating launch timelines and growing ArtStation’s functionality. The simplified workflow delivered a 5x improvement in video performance as measured by decreased playback errors and rebuffers. Stronger video performance increased video consumption, customer satisfaction and growth in premium subscriptions. We helped ArtStation:

  • Minimize playback errors and rebuffers 

  • Expand distribution, including new endpoints such as Chromecast, Apple TV and Connected TVs

  • Release new features faster

  • Grow revenue from premium content subscriptions

***The whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Many of our client case studies and products were originally part of Limelight, Layer0 or Edgecast. Limelight acquired Layer 0 then Edgecast to become Edgio, the complete platform you have today, so we’ve aggregated those case studies in a single library.

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