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Case Study

MX Player

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Original source: Limelight Networks

How MX Player Uses Limelight Networks to Drive Down Latency and Win the Streaming Wars

MX Player is India’s top entertainment platform, with more than 270 million viewers globally. Offering an online streaming library with more than 100,000 hours of licensed content and a growing roster of original programming, MX’s viewership has grown exponentially from 0 to 100Mn+. MX Player is installed on one of every two smartphones in India, where 5G has yet to be deployed.




Media & Entertainment

"For every 1 second reduction in latency we see at least a 6% increase in engagement. There’s a huge business benefit in using Limelight’s CDN."

"I feel Limelight wants a deeper relationship—it’s not just tactical."


MX Player Challenge

Providing a reliable, high-quality, low-latency viewing experience was critical for growing MX’s business model—especially in Tier 2 and 3 cities where MX has deep penetration but faces performance obstacles due to limited last-mile infrastructure. Overcoming these challenges and managing the spikes in traffic associated with high-profile events such as elections, sports, and new program launches including “Queen”, “Hello Mini” and “Flames”, was paramount.

MX Player Criteria

MX established rigorous performance criteria for the CDN partners considered during the testing phase. The goal was to dramatically improve the viewer experience by providing broadcast-quality delivery of content. Three specific measures were used:

  1. Speed: 70% of MX videos must load in 3 seconds or less.

  2. Consistent Quality: No degradation of content during spikes in traffic that can exceed 10X the norm

  3. Efficiency: >95% CDN efficiency

MX Player Solution

As one of the first few Indian OTT platforms to adopt H.265 advanced video compression standards, MX had a competitive advantage worth exploiting. Their ability to reduce file size by 50% without sacrificing quality meant they could expand into markets outside of Tier 1 cities. They use per-segment bitrate algorithm for compression, where one video is divided into multiple segments and these segments are given bitrates based on their complexity.

Once MX began running on Limelight’s private delivery backbone, they were able to deliver a broadcast-quality viewing experience in Tier 2 and 3 cities as well, where net connectivity is less than optimal. This opened up a lucrative new market opportunity for MX.

"We integrated a really robust system, which was able to deliver billions of requests smoothly and successfully."

"Even with viewership for ‘Queen’ 60% higher than normal, Limelight’s CDN scaled beautifully—no glitches."


MX Player Performance

Limelight was put to the test almost immediately when more than 900 million Indian citizens voted in the world’s largest election. MX was able to provide a seamless and broadcast-quality experience to millions of viewers watching the Lok Sabha Elections in 2019. At its peak, traffic was flowing at 10X the normal volume during the election, with Limelight handling the spikes in traffic with no issues.

MX continued its trajectory by launching a wide range of original programming on the platform in 2019. One program in particular, “Queen”, has seen exceptionally high viewership, with the total number of minutes consumed running 8X higher than the top-rated TV show in India. Limelight was integral to ensuring a broadcast-quality experience for viewers, in spite of the high demand that might have taxed lesser providers.

MX Player Partnership

MX continues to rely on Limelight as it expands into new markets, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh & Nepal. Future engagements in SSAI (ad insertion), storage, and Edge Compute are on the horizon as well.

***The whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Many of our client case studies and products were originally part of Limelight, Layer0 or Edgecast. Limelight acquired Layer 0 then Edgecast to become Edgio, the complete platform you have today, so we’ve aggregated those case studies in a single library.

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