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Client Story


January 1, 2021
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Edgio Provides Global Infrastructure, Fueling Market Expansion for Appnext in Key Regions

Appnext is the largest independent app discovery platform, offering the only recommendation engine that includes both in-app and on-device discovery. The platform powers 4B daily app recommendations in over 10,000 mobile touchpoints and interacts with every single user on average 20 times a day.

“One of the most important factors from a product point of view is the ability to monitor, control and see data. With [Edgio], we’re able to quickly respond to issues before they impact our users. This gives us tremendous peace of mind. Our customers expect a very high-quality experience and [Edgio] ensures that we deliver on that promise.”

Adi Zarko, V.P. Product, Appnext






Appnext's Challenge

Appnext’s recommendation engine maximizes users’ context by suggesting the relevant apps to use next. Delivering a consistently high-quality user experience is critical for Appnext, especially in the India, Middle East and Asia-Pacific markets where growth opportunities are most promising. Appnext needed a CDN partner that could provide fast integration into their platform and the firepower to quickly serve the most relevant content at the right time. To meet increasing demand, handle high-frequency requests coming from the same region and scale easily, Appnext needed a new CDN partner who could rise to the challenge and support their growth. Important considerations included the ability for geographic tracking, caching ratios and global delivery service support.

Appnext's Solution

Appnext conducted a proof of concept test with Edgio and used a 3rd party to measure performance. Traffic was gradually moved to the Edgio CDN, measured and assessed to ensure Edgio was able to support the scale demands of specific geographies and provide reliable service. Following the successful testing phase, Appnext fully engaged with Edgiol. The partnership allowed an expansion of Appnext business into target countries in India, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, coupled with the capacity to serve more customers and end-users.

Edgio provides Appnext with the developer-friendly controls, reporting and transparency needed to respond quickly and in real-time and support their customers worldwide. Edgio can provide Appnext with data when needed, the flexibility to make changes in config files and the global infrastructure to support their high-scale, high-frequency business model.

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