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Rakuten TV

January 11, 2022
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Engineering 10x growth in Europe.

Rakuten TV is a video on-demand service with audiences in 42 countries across Europe. Learn how our Technical Account Management team enhanced the quality and performance of Rakuten TV’s streaming offering at scale.


To attract and retain audiences, Rakuten TV needs to provide flawless viewing experiences on every device, everywhere. This takes more than just the latest streaming technology. It requires extensive performance engineering to decrease latency, increase uptime, and a multi-CDN strategy that includes load balancing. Rakuten TV needed a partner who could continuously offer stable, high-quality performance as measured by such metrics as:

  • Buffering ratio

  • Throughput

  • Response time





Media & Entertainment


Edgio's Technical Account Management (TAM) team provided Rakuten TV with customized performance and scalability enhancements in key regions. The TAM offers ongoing performance metrics against Rakuten TV’s KPIs and implements solutions that improve and optimize the performance of their video streams across Edgio. TAM, combined with Edgio’s network expansion throughout Europe, provides Rakuten TV with:

  • Proactive management of service performance and optimizations

  • Custom caching rules and configuration to maximize performance under load

  • Product knowledge guidance and coordination with product teams


Edgio’s high-quality media delivery infrastructure and ongoing performance optimizations enable Rakuten TV to deliver more videos to subscribers with minimal rebuffers and playback delays. Regular in-depth reviews by the TAM team have been key to identifying optimizations for customer workflows and configurations and implementing new products and services that can improve the stability and security of Rakuten TV’s streaming service. The net results of Rakuten TV’s relationship with Edgio include:

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