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January 11, 2022
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Generating growth and ROI.

Rumble.com is where video creators host, share, create channels, monetize, and distribute their content across the internet and television. Edgio's content delivery network helps them keep pace with a dramatic increase in visitors.


With more video creators moving to Rumble.com to generate more views and earn higher ROI, the site was in prime position to grow in terms of both subscribers and revenue. Rumble.com needed a content delivery network that could accommodate its scaling and performance requirements. They needed a network that could grow with them.





Media & Entertainment


Recognizing that performance and reliability are vital to maintaining an online presence, Rumble.com purposefully chose our delivery network. They count on it for the following services:

  • In-network origin storage

  • Authoritative Domain Name Services (DNS)

  • HTTP Large

  • HTTP Small


Rumble.com transformed the stability and performance of our delivery network into customer loyalty. Rumble.com started with 2.4 million streams a month and has since grown to 100x in three years:

  • April 2015 = 2.4 million streams

  • April 2016 = 35.5 million streams

  • April 2017 = 220 million streams

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