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April 19, 2021
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Upgrading performance and security.

Tripwire wanted to scale its reach to customers looking for trusted cybersecurity solutions. And that meant reevaluating their content delivery network provider of the past 10 years. Edgio Delivery helped them improve performance and capture more leads.


Tripwire, the second largest provider in the Security Vulnerability Management market, as measured by IDC, needed an alternate content delivery network (CDN) to meet their growing needs for better performance, service, and agility. And perhaps most critically, they needed an easy, seamless migration process so current configurations would remain in place.


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After an intensive 30-day testing period of three CDN providers, Tripwire switched to Edgio Delivery based on its ability to improve performance and its feature set. Tripwire found we had the highest benefit ratios for their requirements. They liked the ease of use of the portal and the Rules Engine’s online toolset. They also cited our system availability, stability, excellent customer service and responsiveness as reasons for choosing to work with us.


Tripwire experienced a significant improvement in performance after switching to Edgio Delivery, which helped them draw in a record number of high-quality sales leads within a few months of migrating to our delivery network. They also experienced the following:

  • Great customer service and responsiveness

  • Superior caching abilities

  • Reduced page load times by 41% despite the added weight

  • Ease of use of the portal

  • Agility with the Rules Engine

  • Faster performing SSL, DNS, and HTTP application support

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