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Client Story


August 4, 2021
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A Quest for Digital Transformation.

Verizon wanted to transform from a giant telco to a technology leader. Edgio Delivery helped Verizon become a more agile IT organization and improved the user experience for millions of their daily users.


Verizon knows that to thrive, they must continually innovate its technology, improving their IT team's agility and productivity. Led by Verizon CTO Mahmoud El Assir, the company focused on improving the digital user experience across 170 applications for its millions of daily users and sought ways to speed up its time to market.

The challenges Verizon faced with their previous CDN provider included:

  • A slow and labor-intensive service model

  • High costs of ownership

  • Less than optimal performance

verizon 235px




Communications, High-tech


Verizon migrated their CDN from their previous vendor of 12-plus years to Edgio Delivery. Here's what the migration looked like:

  • Taking a highly focused and controlled project execution with testing done on small assets before moving on to more sophisticated properties

  • Discovering and addressing technical debt, replacing outdated and non-transferable customer codes.

  • Translating some 300+ pages of configuration codes from their previous provider


After migrating to Edgio Delivery, Verizon experienced the following:

  • Improved customer engagements with a 24% increase in throughput and 15-20% faster response time

  • Increased operational agility and time to value by deploying website changes faster and twice as frequently

  • Heightened security protection to respond to threats quicker

  • Better value and ROI by realizing 40% in cost savings

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