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Make it easy for developer teams to release more often and with higher confidence. It isn’t just a software best practice — it’s essential for growing revenue in our increasingly digital world.


Empowering teams to release updates more often and with higher confidence


in companies with the fastest Developer Velocity Index (McKinsey)


Deployment frequency is the top success metric for deployments, selected by over half (52%) of engineering and operations leaders (Armory / Gartner Peer Insights)


Universal Standard Deploys Weekly and Lifted Conversions by 200% on Edgio

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Edgio Benefits

Release up to twice as often

Release up to Twice as Often

Teams routinely see their release cadence improve dramatically, and they gain more time for high-value initiatives, instead of getting mired in undifferentiated work.

  • Release up to twice as often

  • Release with higher confidence

Streamline workflow

Streamline Workflow

From local development to infinite pre-production environments and incremental rollouts to production, your team shares a unified release lifecycle workflow with Edgio Applications.

  • Unify your teams and workflow

  • Simplify site management within one modern environment

Get the actionable insights and observability you need

Get the Actionable Insights

No more flying blind, and no more waiting days or weeks for critical data. See problems immediately, fix them, and see the results immediately.

  • Observability for your entire web platform on a single pane of glass

  • Get actionable insights in real time

Manage web security as part of your web application

Manage Web Security as Part of Your Web Application

Easily integrate the best WAAP (web application and API protection) into your website. Edgio Applications includes Edgio Security, featuring advanced bot management, DDoS, WAF protection and more.

  • Detect 2-6x more fraudulent activity

  • Resolve attacks twice as fast

Maximize performance with full-stack control

Maximize Performance with Full-Stack Control

The key to sub-second performance is to control serverless, global edge and even the browser on your visitor’s device. Edgio Performance lets you manage them all as part of a single stack.

  • Prefetch content into the browser before the user requests it

  • Optimize with simple red-yellow-green for serverless, edge, and prefetch

Build sub-second performance into your app

Build Sub-Second Performance into Your App

Don’t just release more often, deliver a dramatically faster site. With ordinary CDNs, you need to deploy just to test caching and routing. Now you can build edge performance into your web application. Edgio Applications includes Edgio Performance, featuring EdgeJS for integrating CDN-as-code.

  • Deliver sub-second web page loads

  • Increase organic traffic, conversions and revenue, and pass Google Core Web Vitals

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