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12/13/2023 – Tom Gorup

Learn How Edgio Transformed Secure Medical’s Telemedicine Journey

12/15/2023 – Lindsay Moran

An Introduction to Edgio’s Beyond the Edge Podcast Episode 5: Identifying and Mitigating Zero-Day Threats

12/15/2023 – Andrew Johnson

Following the brief initial blog below, Edgio engaged with peers from across the industry on the definition and responsible disclosure of CVE-2023-44487 – HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack.

09/29/2023 – Dave Andrews, Marcus Hildum, Sergio Ruiz

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Last week we released our latest Quarterly Attack Trends Report and what would a good report be without an accompanying blog post? We’re going to take some time in this post inspecting this raw and insightful look into the Internet’s ever-shifting cybersecurity landscape known as “Edgio’s Quarterly Attack Trends Report.”
We’re announcing the end of an era with a mix of nostalgia and excitement as Layer0 approaches its end of life. This post covers what this transition means for you and how we’re committed to ensuring a seamless experience as we bid farewell to Layer0.
Edgio introduces Enterprise Protect and Perform Bundles to streamline web performance and security needs with flat-rate pricing. Learn more.