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The Edgio Security Platform and MSS Expertise

Integration of Award Winning Security with MSS Expertise

Discover why Edgio’s MSS combined with our advanced security platform outperforms competitors.


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Welcome to our learning center on “Edgio Security and MSS Expertise”. We will dive into how the combination of an expert team paired with an automated platform intelligence helps lay the foundation for modern web application security.

Edgio Managed Security service emerges as a robust platform that employs both human expertise and automated solutions to safeguard web applications. This article explores how expert teams and automated systems are deployed and trained within the Edgio Managed Security framework.

Role of Expert Teams in Edgio Managed Security

New threats and vulnerabilities are continually evolving putting web applications at risk. Edgio’s expert teams are instrumental to building adaptive security system. These teams are build with seasoned security professionals who not only bring a wealth of experience in threat hunting and incident response but also contribute to the strategic development of security policies.

  1. Threat Intelligence and Analysis: MSS teams are trained at contextual intelligence analysis, which automated systems may overlook. They analyze patterns, interpret data nuances, and provide insights that inform the continuous improvement of security measures.
  2. Incident Response and Management: When it comes to incident management, the expertise of the MSS security teams is unparalleled. Their ability to build strategies and execute complex response protocols is crucial, especially in sophisticated attack scenarios that automated tools might not fully address.
  3. Custom Security Policy Formulation: Edgio’s security experts play a vital role in crafting custom security policies. They understand the specific security needs of different web applications and tailor policies that automated solutions enforce, ensuring a higher degree of precision in protection.

Automated Solutions in Edgio Managed Security

Automation stands at the forefront of modern cybersecurity solutions, offering speed and scalability that human teams cannot match. Edgio Managed Security harnesses this power effectively.

  1. Automated Threat Detection: Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning models, Edgio’s automated systems provide rapid threat detection, outpacing manual methods. These systems are continuously trained on the latest threat data, ensuring they remain effective against new and evolving cyber threats.
  2. Efficient Policy Enforcement: Automated solutions excel in the consistent and efficient enforcement of security policies across distributed networks. Edgio utilizes automation to apply these policies uniformly, reducing the margin of error that manual configuration might introduce.
  3. Scalable Security Posture: As web traffic volume grows, automated solutions scale to meet demand without the need for proportional increases in human resources. This scalability is critical in managing the security of large-scale web applications.

Training and Integrating Automated Solutions

The efficacy of automated solutions within Edgio Managed Security is a direct result of meticulous training regimes. These systems are fed vast datasets comprising historical attack vectors, patterns observed by expert teams, and intelligence from across the Edgio network.

  1. Feedback Loops: Integration between expert teams and automated solutions is facilitated through continuous feedback loops. Insights from human analysis feed into the training of automated systems, enhancing their accuracy and responsiveness.
  2. Simulation and Testing: Automated solutions undergo rigorous testing within simulated environments that mimic real-world attack scenarios. This testing is critical to refine the systems’ capabilities and ensure they perform as intended when deployed.

The collaboration between expert teams and automated solutions creates a multi-faceted defense architecture. While expert teams provide the strategic and analytical prowess necessary for ever-changing threat landscape, automated solutions offer the speed, consistency, and scalability essential for comprehensive protection. This dual approach ensures that Edgio’s clients benefit from a dynamic and resilient security posture tailored to the challenges of modern web security.

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