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The Partner of Choice for Speed, Security, and Simplicity at the Edge

Securely deliver sub-second web applications, stream high quality OTT and live events, or distribute large file quickly to customers around the globe. Supported by Edgio experts in security, web applications, CDN, and managed streaming services.


Why Edgio

Better PerformanceAdvanced SecurityGlobal ScaleFastest Sites

Manage, monetize, and deliver fantastic streaming video worldwide.

  • Optimize Streaming Performance
  • Lightning Loading Speed
  • Unified Workflow Orchestration
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Modern Web Application Security and CDN at the Edge

  • Web Application & API Protection
  • Modern Web CDN
  • Advanced Bot & DDoS Protection
  • Serverless & Edge Compute
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High-quality Experience for Global Audiences

  • 300+ POP with 250+ Tbps of capacity
  • 7,000+ global interconnections
  • Fastest response times
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Empower Your Team and Turbocharge Your Site

  • Accelerate Team Collaboration
  • Simplify Serverless Site Management
  • Streamline Replatforming
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Award Winning Platform

Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership 2023
2024 GigaOM Radar Edge Platform Leader & Outperformer
NAB Product of the Year 2024

Did You Know?

90% Speed Increase

without sacrificing performance Edgio’s multi-layer edge WAAP with integrated bot management, DDoS and API protections boosts security.

Customer Stories

Performance OptimizationSecurityLive StreamingBroadcasting

“We want to recognize the Ukrainian engineers who delivered a seamless product, in the midst of moving their families out of the country. They were team players, good listeners, good learners – it’s a story in and of itself of how conscientious and professional the team is.”

– Rolle Hogan, Toklas
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“With the addition of Edgio’s Security solutions, we now have greater visibility on potential vulnerabilities, fewer false positives, and the speed required to deploy new rules and address attempted attacks efficiently and effectively.”

– Kent Zimmerman, VP, eCommerce & CRM – Shoe Carnival
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“We are extremely happy with the performance, reliability and security services that Azure and Edgio provide on their CDN platform. With Azure and Edgio, we are confident we can support our global business growth requirements.”

– Stephen Jung, Associate Vice President – ASUSTek
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“The fantasy experience is one-dimensional, with users simply interacting with text and numbers. By incorporating real-time stats and video into our PlayerX platform, users can flex and troll their opponents, search and watch the best clips and share highlights with their friends and followers.”

– Mike VELA, RCEO of World Champion Fantasy.
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