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Client Story


October 1, 2018
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“My job is to make sure all our content is ready and easy for students to use. To improve our go-to learning app, we conducted extensive testing with multiple CDNs and chose Edgio because it had the lowest buffer rate by far. This is incredibly important since the most important factor in our students’ experiences with Toppr is how fast we can deliver content, especially videos. No one wants to be interrupted by buffering.”

Rajshekhar Ratrey, Vice President of Knowledge - Toppr






Toppr’s Challenge:

As Toppr’s business grew to 2.5 million students and 8,000 videos, it needed a solution to improve the user experience and deliver videos of lessons as fast as possible.

Toppr’s Solution:

Toppr decided to implement a Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to improve video performance and ensure high availability. To select the right CDN for its needs, Toppr tested 200 videos through four CDNs. During the head-to-head comparisons, Edgio had the best performance and was selected as the CDN to support Toppr’s fast-growing business.

Fast Performance:

Edgio provides Toppr the ability to easily upload, store and deliver 8,000 hours of video without annoying buffering.

Customer Support:

Edgio's responsive local customer support team is available 24/7/365 and has been helpful at every step from evaluation to implementation to day-to-day assistance.

Reliable and Secure:

Edgio has one of the world’s largest, private global networks, enabling Toppr to bypass internet congestion and avoid many security potholes.

High-Performing Storage:

Edgio Origin Storage offers automated regional replication that places content close to Toppr students and retrieves it from the nearest and fastest location. This ensures rapid storage retrieval and delivery on cache miss, providing the best possible experience for users.

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